CGI-SCIP is The Continuum Groups patented Secondary Combustion Ignition Prevention (SCIP) technology for many applications in preventing fuel tanks, and related structures from secondary combustion and the spread of liquid fuel and gas fires. It is a proprietary designed material alloy that can prevent explosions and reduce fire risks. It does this by absorbing the heat released during the reaction, reduces the explosive pressures from being generated after ignition of vapors or gases and inhibits flame propagation. CGI-SCIP fills the inside of the tank completely with only taking up less than 1.5 percent of the fuel volume with no impeding of fuel flow and with no maintenance required after installation. It also has baffling capabilities to increase liquid stabilization in the fuel tank as well as reducing and/or eliminating electrostatic discharge. It is manufactured on proprietary machines and can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the needs of every application. CGI-SCIP is produced to U.S. DoD military specifications, MIL-B-87162A concerning baffle material for explosive suppression in fuel tanks and dry bay areas. CGI-SCIP is the only explosive suppression technology that meets this military application and in use today by the U.S. Military. CGI-SCIP, Low cost, Lightweight and Zero maintenance that provides Constant SURVIVABILITY to our Warfighters!

"CGI-SCIP Performed 100% effective for use in our combat vehicles while we were deployed in-theater."
Colonel, U.S. Army Special Forces Group.

“CGI-SCIP has the reliability of a bowling ball for its defined use ! “
BGEN USMC retired and former JPEO MRAP/MATV.