Professional Management

Professional Management

The Continuum Group provides the full spectrum of professional management services, supporting clients from strategy formulation through execution. Specific services include:


  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Unit Strategy
  • Portfolio Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Product Line Strategy


  • Core Growth Strategy
  • Adjacent Market Growth Strategy
  • Market Segmentation & Screening
  • Global Expansion
  • Market Entry Strategy Development
  • Market-Driven Technology Strategy

Organizational & Operational Strategy

  • Customer-Facing Organizational Strategy
  • Organizational Roles & Missions
  • Cost Reduction
  • Government Business Development Structure Design
  • Resource Optimization
  • Materials Management

Marketing & Customer Relations

  • Customer Stakeholder Analysis
  • Issue Analysis & Management
  • Customer Relationship Strategy
  • Message Shaping & Development
  • Environmental Mapping
  • Political Strategy & Risk Management

Go To Market

  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Capture Strategy Support
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Partner Identification & Screening
  • Pricing & Price-to-Win Strategy
  • Proposal & Win Strategy Support

B2G Market Advisory

B2G Market Advisory Services

Corporations have been drawn to the government marketplace for many years, often attracted by large budgets, unique product and service demands, and R&D funding opportunities. Continuing growth in government spending, coupled with new missions and activities, the increased operational tempo of our armed services, and the increasing importance of homeland security technologies, has made this market even more attractive. Although abundant in potential opportunities, the government marketplace is characterized by its complexity. Companies must understand and navigate complex procurement processes, budget and appropriations processes, unique marketing channels and channel partners, diverse contracting vehicles, and politics. The most successful market entrants make informed entry decisions and develop sophisticated government marketing plans. Many companies fail to realize success in this marketplace because they fail to understand all the factors that must be included in their Go/No-Go decision or they do not analyze and incorporate all of the elements necessary for a successful marketing plan.


The Continuum Group assists companies in entering the Business-to-Government (B2G) marketplace and expanding their existing government business. Our services are tailored to each client’s needs, enabling us to assist a wide range of firms, from the large publicly-held companies to new market entrants. We support our clients through the entire life-cycle of their government sales efforts by integrating our management consulting and government market expertise into a high touch advisory services model. The Continuum Group has organized its consulting services to support this cycle:

Analyze: The Continuum Group combines strategic analysis with analytic market, opportunity, and political analysis. The Continuum Group project team begins by assessing, both internally and externally, an organization’s capability to win government business. The Continuum Group possesses top qualitative and quantitative government market research capabilities and, through our relationships, experience, proprietary databases, and other tools, we help clients target real opportunities.

Organize: Too often, organizations address the government marketplace with preconceived notions of how to do business with the government. Many of these assumptions drive companies to consider only one way of reaching the government customer. The Continuum Group provides our clients with a broad evaluation of the various channel, merger, acquisition, and partnering options available and the project team will guide the client through establishing and optimizing the external and internal structures necessary to reach government customers in the most effective way.

Market: The Continuum Group answers the “who, what, where, when, why, how” of government acquisition and procurement. The B2G marketplace is known for its intricate customer and purchaser behavior models and The Continuum Group provides our clients with an understanding of the unique government buying roles, including: initiators, influencers, legislators, regulators, purchasers, and users. Our services help clients reach key decision-makers and effectively deliver their value proposition.

Influence: While marketing to government customers, successful businesses continuously seek legal and ethical ways to increase their probabilities for success. The Continuum Group develops procurement-shaping strategies to increase a client’s probability to win contracts. B2G efforts generally include legislative, regulatory, and appropriations strategies. The Continuum Group helps clients determine when and where these strategies are effective, and develops and assists in executing, custom strategies with issue- and relationship-specific partners.

Capture: Successful B2G initiatives end with superior proposal writing and project management. Once the contract has been won, The Continuum Group supports our clients in their project / customer / partner management roles to ensure that the government customer is satisfied and that strategic partners are performing to expectations.

Placement Services

Placement Services for Veterans:

The Continuum Group, in support of our men and women in uniform, provides placement services to those transitioning to the civilian work force with its vast network of Industry partnerships. We understand, being veterans ourselves, your unique talents, skill sets, operational experiences, and personal needs during this transition period that sets you apart. Please contact us via our contact us web page for more information to assist you.